From long dresses, gladiator sandals and hippie purses to hair bands and chunky jewelry, bohemian flair exudes a sensual, exotic, and even worldly vibe that is as fashion-forward as is it comfortable.

We’ve compiled below the must haves of a boho-chic look.

Ankle boots

To be a boho-extraordinaire you’ll need a pair of ankle boots in a neutral tone like brown, black or beige to pair with mini skirts, tucked into skinny jeans, or worn under one of your long, flowing dresses. Be sure to choose a pair with a low to medium heel height so you can spend all day picking flowers, and all night dancing under the stars.

Printed maxi dress

Another key item to top off the gypsy look is a patterned maxi dress. Don’t accessorize too much when you are wearing this piece as the dress itself is a full statement. Pair it with some gladiator sandals, a chunky necklace or bracelet, and perhaps a hat. Toss a denim vest or jacket on for cooler days.

A chic purse

Fringe galore. When it comes to boho-style purses, bags must maintain either fringe or bold patterns and hang from a shoulder. Though bohemian purses generally call for oversize, single-shoulder bags, a smaller leather purse would also work as well as a vintage clutch.

A floppy brim hat

A floppy brim hat is a staple for the bohemian queen. Pair it with a long, flowing maxi dress or flowy top with cutoff shorts, and big sunglasses and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer outfit.

Oversize scarves

A large, patterned scarf is the perfect accessory to keep warm on cool evenings, accentuate a simple outfit, or as a head wrap for ultimate gypsy flair. A key piece, the scarf can be worn with skinny jeans, a skirt, or long dress.


When it comes to accessorizing your bohemian outfit, the possibilities are endless. From oversized earrings to bracelets or statement necklaces, you have a wide selection of boho jewelry to choose from. Opt for earthy colors and for accessories made from natural elements like wood, turquoise or coral.


Complete your gypsy look with a boho-chic hairstyle consisting of long, flowy waves or curles, reminiscent of wind-blown beach hair. Top it off with a flower crown, and you’re good to go!

In this day and age, fashion trends seem to change almost every fortnight. With so much happening in the fashion industry, sometimes is hard to remember what’s in and what’s out or to keep up with all the fads and trends. But, if history has thought us something is that rules are made to be broken, especially fashion rules.

We’ve compiled some of the oldest style rules that you can start breaking.

Always match your belt and shoes

There was a time when one of the biggest fashion mistakes you could make was not matching your belt and shoes. Fortunately, that time is long gone and there’s a reason why. With so much prints, fabrics and colors, coordinating your accessories seams rather dull. So, don’t be afraid to “match” your pink shoes with your brown belt.

Horizontal stripes make you look wider

Word on the street is that horizontal stripes can look great on anyone. They do have the power to make you look wider but, if chosen carefully, they can work wonders. The secret is to choose the stripes suited for your body type. If, for example, you are tall and curvy, you should opt for thick stripes, whereas if you are short, you should choose thin stripes.

Mixing prints is a No-No

Truth be told, mixing prints can destroy an outfit, but only if they are both competing for the first place. If you choose to mix prints, make sure that one is bold, while the other one has a smaller pattern or a neutral color.

Petite girls can’t wear wide-leg pants or midi skirts

Except they can. Chose a skirt that hits just below the knee and that compliments your waits. Furthermore, if you are afraid wearing wide-leg pants will make you look stumpy, matched them with a pair of high heels.

Socks with sandals are a fashion faux pas

Not too long ago, combining socks and sandals was seen as a major fashion faux pas. Times have changed and what once was a serious style mistake is now a hip trend.

Socks and sandals are now a feature on catwalks and a trend celebrity fashionistas love.

Tall women should avoid wearing high heals

When you are a tall girl, wearing high heels isn’t about being even taller, it’s about looking good and adding a classy touch to your outfit. Find a style that suits you and walk with confidence!